lake ontario lake trout

AKA - Steelhead
Scientific name - Oncorhynchus Mykiss

Physical description - The Steelhead has a sleek and silvery body with a pinkish gill cover and lateral stripe. They have a white mouth with white gums. They also have a square, spotted tail and 10-12 anal rays.

New York State record - 31lb 3oz
Attributes - these fish are known for their strong runs and their acrobatic abilities

atlantic salmon

AKA- Brownie

Scientific name - Salmo Trutta
Physical description - The Brown Trout has brown to yellow sides with black and orange spots with lighter colored halos and also has a square tail.New York State record - 33lb 2oz
Attributes - a strong willed fish with the ability to surprise you with their size

lake ontario rainbow trout steelhead
lake ontario atlantic salmon

Scientific name - Salmo Salar
Physical description - The Atlantic Salmon has silvery sides with dark x shaped 
spots and a slightly forked tail

New York State record - 24lb 15oz
Attributes - a native salmon species known for its spectacular fighting ability

AKA- King Salmon
Scientific name- Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha
Physical description- The Chinook salmon has silver sides with black spots on the back and both lobes of the tail. The anal fin has 15- 19 rays and the mouth and gums are black.
New York State record- 47lb 13oz
Attributes - Largest of the Pacific Salmon and as described by its name it is “King” of the lake.  With its size and power this fish is bound to leave lasting memories.

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Chinook salmon

lake ontario chinook king salmon

Brown trout

lake ontario brown trout

lake trout

the trout and salmon

lake ontario coho salmon

Coho salmon

of lake ontario

rainbow trout

AKA- Laker
Scientific name - Salvelinus namaycush
Physical description - Lake Trout have lightly colored irregular shaped spots with a body color ranging from gray to dark green and their tail is deeply forked.
New York State record - 41 lb 8oz
Attributes- a tough fish that tends to be a persistent fighter pulled from the depths

AKA - Silver Salmon
Scientific name - Oncorhynchus KisutchPhysical description - The Coho Salmon closely resembles the Chinook but the tail only has spots on the upper lobe. 
The anal fin has 12-15 rays and the gums are white.
New York State record - 33lb 7oz
Attributes- a fast and powerful fighter, coho salmon are often found in large schools.

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